5 Questions to Ask Before Moving to Iraq

Five Questions to Ask Before Moving to Iraq
After all, this is the first question anyone else will ask you. So you had better be sure of the answer. Some of us answer yes, some of us answer no. But we do realize you have to be just a little bit odd […]

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Yarsani Religion – Beliefs and Practices

Yarsani Religion
The followers of the Yarsani faith are called by many names and scattered across at least three countries. The creation of this faith is often attributed to Islamic Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam) but the Yarsan themselves claim that their beliefs have always been and Islam is a heresy of Yarsanism. […]

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Help Differentiate Iraq, One Equation at a Time

An exciting and rare opportunity to teach math for 3-months with our team at School of the Medes!

One of our families is coming home to have a baby in March 2017, leaving a teaching vacancy that we need to fill. If you’ve considered helping us build a new future for young people in Iraq, but the thought […]

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Thoughts on the First Week of School

It’s quiet in the mornings

Before the student rush

The call to prayer


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20 Questions in Greece – Elizabeth

Elizabeth spent two months of her summer break from college teaching English and helping out with various refugee projects in Athens. She was able to form deep friendships and make great friends. She left part of her heart in Athens with her new refugee friends and family.
20 Questions

What keeps you up at night? Things I haven’t […]

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Sometimes Pain is the Best Teacher

Creative Teaching Solutions, Iraq Style!
One of the major challenges for my students learning English as a second language was vocabulary!

When I started teaching 2nd grade Humanities my students couldn’t understand and respond to the simple commands “get a pencil” or “turn to page 5”. Every word seemed like a new word for them to learn. I […]

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Taxi Stories from Iraq

Get Lost

We went to the mall. We loaded the taxi full of our purchases, realizing too late we couldn’t tell him where we lived. A phone call and lots of wild gesturing occurred before we were on our way. We made it home and gave our driver a great story about crazy American women. […]

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Abundance and Scarcity

By Andy McNeely

Today was filled with emotions as so much of the trip has been. Sorrow for the plight of the homeless refugees, joy with our new Syrian friends, and shock at the ability of people to survive. The most recurring emotion I have had over the duration of our trip has been that […]

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Medes Student Says “Thank You”

“Can I come over and just watch how you live?  I’d like to know how you guys live.” said Lydia.  At the time, we thought it was a weird request from our student, but sure, why not?  So she came over and spent at least a good six hours sitting at our big kitchen table just […]

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Hot Dog?

I am a teacher; it’s what I do. For the past several years I have been involved with teaching those who speak English as a learned language. Some of those teaching experiences have been frustrating, some fruitful, but always interesting and many times entertaining!

Recently, in Nashville, I was working with two Middle Eastern ladies. The […]

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