It’s a Wedding!

Hannah and Colleen just got back from a wedding, and it’s June! So they chat about their various wedding experiences in Northern Iraq, complete with fireworks, cars, photographs, and loud music!

We found a few weddings on YouTube that look a bit like what we’ve experienced! 1. A Rented Hall (check out the […]

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Year One of Teaching in Iraq – Podcast Episode 9

What do origami frogs, fire, and the Odyssey have in common? Did you guess teaching in Iraq?

Hannah and Colleen remember the adventures of each of their first years teaching in Iraq. Thanks to Julia for suggesting this topic. It had us wandering down the road of memories and how both of us had unusually […]

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My First Newroz

I’ll always remember my first Newroz in Kurdistan as the time a Kurd literally gave me the shirt off his back (and his baggy trousers too!). My wife and I were picnicking with the family of one of our students. Among the many cousins, aunts, uncles, and others, there was a grandfather (or perhaps […]

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