Buddhism – Theravada Buddhism

Buddhism (an overview)

Buddhism is non-theistic. There is no belief in a higher power and holding on to such a belief is thought to keep one from achieving enlightenment. Enlightenment is achieved not by learning the doctrines of Buddha but by following the Eightfold Path. This Path is concerned with three things: morality ( 3-5 […]

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Volunteer for Summer Feed and Read Program!

We had so much fun last summer bringing books, crafts, and activities to kids! Each week we served alongside our team of great volunteers to not only serve lunch, but also to entertain, inspire and educate.

We get to do it again this summer and we need your help to be the hands and […]

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Building Bridges in Greece

In Greece, we have begun working with a large refugee community in a small town in the north. We will be going back regularly with teams to help with a refugee preschool program, adult English classes, and even a science and engineering workshop for refugee teenagers.
Here at SGI, God has blessed us with […]

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Mystery Religions in the Middle East

Mystery Religions in the Middle East
There are thousands of years of history poking out at you from every corner of the Middle East. The world’s three largest religions all began in this part of the world, and have been in contention over it for most of modern memory.

But the big three are not the only […]

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