Church, People! — What’s it like going to church in Northern Iraq?

What’s it like going to church in Northern Iraq?

Colleen and Hannah talk about what “going to church” looked like in Iraq. A lot of people have questions about this and a lot of preconceived ideas about what it means to be a Christian living in a pre-dominantly Muslim country.

Learn more over on our Iraq […]

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Rebuilding Their Lives – Food Factory Update

Remember our Kubba Video? We just pulled some out of the freezer this week. It’s a great quick and easy dinner option at this point!

We recently got some new photos of the ladies working and another update on the progress of their business.

If you remember, we met some Christian ladies in Iraq whose business […]

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Celebrating 25 Years – Adapting to Change

1996-2000 Adapting to Change
In the years 1996-2000, Servant Group staff and volunteers learned to adapt, a great quality to possess in any cross-cultural service. In Nashville, that meant a new approach to interfacing with the existing Kurdish community and a new platform for welcoming thousands of those newly arrived. Internationally, that meant responding to […]

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A Glimpse of Heaven

Elizabeth was part of our team living in Athens for two months this summer. 

I have been back in America for a week now, and my thoughts are constantly returning to the friends I left in Athens. So many of these moments and relationships are cherished in my heart – many of them in a […]

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Abundance and Scarcity

By Andy McNeely

Today was filled with emotions as so much of the trip has been. Sorrow for the plight of the homeless refugees, joy with our new Syrian friends, and shock at the ability of people to survive. The most recurring emotion I have had over the duration of our trip has been that […]

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Forgiveness in Iraq

There are candles lit in the living room, the wind is howling outside and we had a snow day last week. Were it not for the constancy of baklava and old men in huge pants, I could think I was in the US. (Though, honestly, my city in the US has baklava and big pantsed-men in spades.)

This […]

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The Opportunity to Say Yes

I served with a Servant Group International team on a Greek island. Each day we accompanied approximately 1,000 refugees arriving on the northern coast. The refugees arrive on shore wet, hungry, thirsty, exhausted and frequently in shock from the 6-mile journey. Most have been displaced from their homes for at least a month – […]

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Is there any hope for Iraq? –Live Webinar

Join us for a fascinating half-hour with an Iraqi Christian woman who is making a real difference in a really hard place. As the director for schools serving thousands of students, she desires to see lives changed and Christ honored in her country. This conversation will give you a unique glimpse into a part […]

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