HospitaliTEA – Kurdish Hospitality Knows No Limits, Also, Lots of Tea

Between Iraq and a Hard Place – Episode 39

Hannah and Colleen talk about the beautiful extravagance of Kurdish hospitality and walk you through what it’s like to go on a visit to a Kurdish or Middle Eastern home. Hospitality is a key cultural value and is both generous and overwhelming in Northern Iraq […]

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Coronavirus Lockdown in Iraq — Easter is Coming

We’ve been in lockdown in my city in Northern Iraq for over week. These last few days I’ve felt both a liar and a failure.  A liar because I’ve posted the pretty pictures, not the ones of my dry-eyed stare from watching hours of shows non-stop or the various chocolate wrappers from my I-don’t-care-anymore-and-I’m-bored munching.  A failure […]

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Taking the Kids to Iraq – A Podcast Interview with Robin

Hannah and Colleen interview Robin, who (with her husband, Dave) took her two kids to live in Iraq. What did this do to her kids? Her family and their relationships? Listen to us ask her all about her stories and adventures from when she and her family lived in Iraq.

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Getting a Visa in Kurdish Iraq

Hannah and Colleen chat about the various steps to the ever changing process of getting a visa in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. This isn’t the nuts and bolts, just the experiences from our perspective of foreign bureaucracy and how to walk through it. We are so grateful for our Kurdish friends […]

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