Building Bridges in Greece

In Greece, we have begun working with a large refugee community in a small town in the north. We will be going back regularly with teams to help with a refugee preschool program, adult English classes, and even a science and engineering workshop for refugee teenagers.
Here at SGI, God has blessed us with […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Moving to Iraq

Five Questions to Ask Before Moving to Iraq
After all, this is the first question anyone else will ask you. So you had better be sure of the answer. Some of us answer yes, some of us answer no. But we do realize you have to be just a little bit odd […]

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30 Iraqis, 5 Americans, and 1 Italian Tour

I never thought of my students as backward or from an undeveloped country. They all had smartphones when I still had a flip. And if their paper was a bit too short, they were certainly tech-savvy enough to try to change the margins or font size by fractions of an inch.
That was why […]

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Math is Too Hard!

Math is Too Hard!
My favorite memory is of meeting Ari, a Syrian refugee.  He was 16 years old and brilliant.  As an engineer, I began asking him if he would like to study engineering.  He said, “No, math is too hard”  So I began asking him questions about math assuming he was struggling with […]

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Home in Iraq

Where is Home Anyway?
The past six months have been a whirlwind filled with new friendships and experiences.  It’s hard to remember how much things have changed since we first arrived.

Somewhere along the line, relationships developed with the students, and with it evaporated the vast majority of classroom behavior problems.

Somewhere along the line, we went […]

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How Safe Is It?

Visiting My Daughter in Iraq (part 3)
Over the next few days we met the rest of the team and shared several meals with them. We got to meet many of the students and saw her interaction with them, their questions about everything.

We got to go shopping, both at the markets in the city, and […]

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I Visited My Daughter in Iraq

I Visited My Daughter in Iraq
So, your daughter lives where?! Is she in the military? This is the response I would usually get when I told people that my eldest lived in Iraq. They didn’t understand the heart that she had to love and serve these people. It could be really hard. I watched […]

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Consider Iraq – Catch the Vision

We know that moving half-way around the world can be intimidating. Especially a place with a reputation as frightening as Iraq. That’s why we’ve put together an Iraq Vision Trip for March 24th through April 1st, 2017.

We are planning a one week trip so you can get a glimpse into the world of our team […]

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Help Differentiate Iraq, One Equation at a Time

An exciting and rare opportunity to teach math for 3-months with our team at School of the Medes!

One of our families is coming home to have a baby in March 2017, leaving a teaching vacancy that we need to fill. If you’ve considered helping us build a new future for young people in Iraq, but the thought […]

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Thoughts on the First Week of School

It’s quiet in the mornings

Before the student rush

The call to prayer


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