Waiting with Refugees in Greece


The flight from Mytilini to Athens forty minutes. The flight from Athens to Frankfurt three hours. Means to pay for an airline ticket and valid USA passport gave me the privilege to travel efficiently, freely without fear, in the light of day, with any possessions I want to carry. The flight from Athens to […]

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Edible not Forgettable – Between Iraq and a Hard Place Episode 2

Episode 2:
Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Hannah and Colleen wander through various food experiences ranging from chicken and chocolate to eggnog and mastau. Welcome to the world of Kurdish food.

UPDATE: Our podcast is now on iTunes, Stitcher, and many other podcast hosts! 

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30 Iraqis, 5 Americans, and 1 Italian Tour

I never thought of my students as backward or from an undeveloped country. They all had smartphones when I still had a flip. And if their paper was a bit too short, they were certainly tech-savvy enough to try to change the margins or font size by fractions of an inch.
That was why […]

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Where Do Almonds Come From?

Awake Before Dawn
I  knew it was near daylight since the village mullah was giving the call to prayer over the loudspeaker. I thought it was considerate of him to call so quietly so that if you were awake you would know it was time to come, but there was no way that gentle voice […]

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Rebuilding Their Lives – Food Factory Update

Remember our Kubba Video? We just pulled some out of the freezer this week. It’s a great quick and easy dinner option at this point!

We recently got some new photos of the ladies working and another update on the progress of their business.

If you remember, we met some Christian ladies in Iraq whose business […]

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The Great Kubba Adventure

This project didn’t go as planned.
You see, it was spring break so I had a little extra time that was normally spent shuttling refugee women to English class and herding elementary kids who think they can’t read and so don’t want to try. But I’d been wanting to put together a cooking blog […]

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Other Odds and Ends of Visiting Iraq

People Always Ask About the Food
Team dinner was always a special event. The team of teachers in Suly would share a meal together while Skyping with the SGI team in Nashville. It was not only a time of fellowship, but of relaying news, solving problems and just keeping in touch. I got to be […]

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IHOP Broke My Spirit

IHOP Broke My Spirit
There’s this thing called reverse culture shock, and man is it a real kick in the head when it hits you. I’m American, born and raised, and had my fair share of intercultural experience. I even have a degree in intercultural studies. Of all people in the world I should be […]

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All the Food!

Dolma or Yaprax
A universally known and loved food in our area is dolma (also known as yaprax). It involves a mixture of uncooked rice, minced meat (often lamb), and spices stuffed into a variety of veggies (zucchini, green peppers, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, and more) or grape leaves. Then it is artfully crammed into a […]

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The Mustard Seed

I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. Last week was a good week. I saw that over five million people attended the Cubs World Series victory parade. Someone told me it was the 7th largest gathering of people in world history. I have no idea if that’s true, but that IS a lot of people celebrating […]

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