What’s going on with SGI during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Well, for starters, we’re still here and we’re still working to encourage and equip the body of Christ to love and serve our Middle Eastern and refugee neighbors. 

First, in Iraq, our team is doing well and has finished out the school year. The Medes School is hoping and planning to reopen in person in […]

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Sew For Hope – Graduates and Volunteers Sewing Masks

These days we are extremely grateful for this program that not only helps refugee women care for their families, but has also opened up opportunities for them to care for their communities. In this current crisis, we have graduates and volunteers sewing masks.

These masks are being made from a non-woven droplet resistant fabric that […]

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Resources For Hard Times – Coronavirus 2020

Covid-19 Information in Multiple Languages:

For Those Facing Unemployment:

For Those Facing Hunger:


For English Practice:

This is my favorite. Short simple stories with pictures for context!

This is good for lower levels. English for beginners, basic vocabulary practice.

Good videos with lots of levels—more advanced. There’s a lot here including lessons for pronunciation and understanding faster spoken […]

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Attention Treasure Hunters!

Each week several boxes of craft supplies, art supplies, and several sewing machines are donated to help support our ministry. These gifts are wonderful, but do require that someone have the understanding and expertise to sort and find the treasures within.

So, we need a woman to be our Donations Specialist to come in […]

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Studying for the Citizenship Test

So your friend has asked for your help with taking the citizenship test. But how do you begin studying for the citizenship test? What’s even on this test?

English Evaluation – Speaking, Reading, and Writing InterviewCivics Evaluation – 10 questions picked out of 100 preset questions

There are books that you can buy online and […]

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Opening My Mouth

There is nothing like necessity when it comes to communication.

The Afghan ladies who gathered at the center for the bi-weekly refugee meeting were gracious about the fact that I struggled miserably to put together a simply sentence in Farsi. As time went on, my pre-programmed, memorized phrases started to come out better as we sat around […]

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