About Colleen McGarry

Colleen lived and taught in Iraq for six years. She now works in the Home Office in Nashville, TN, teaching English and training new volunteers to reach out in love to people from other cultures.

The Cash Economy in Iraq

In the US we’re pretty used to using our credit cards to pay for things and we’re adding all sorts of new electronic payment methods. But in Northern Iraq, nearly everything is still done in cash. Hannah and Colleen discuss a few of the multitude of reasons for this, but more about the effect […]

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Sherma and Shame in Iraqi Kurdistan

Hannah and Colleen chat about several key terms in Kurdish language and culture: sherma, aiba, and haram. All have meanings that connect to honor, shame, and what is allowable and what is forbidden. Cultural expectations and norms are part of what can be a challenge for a westerner. This podcast explores their shades of […]

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30 Iraqis, 5 Americans, and 1 Italian Tour

I never thought of my students as backward or from an undeveloped country. They all had smartphones when I still had a flip. And if their paper was a bit too short, they were certainly tech-savvy enough to try to change the margins or font size by fractions of an inch.
That was why […]

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The Power of Fear

What’s Worse than Dentists and Anthills?
My heart was racing. My hands were cold. I, who most people consider fearless, was terrified. You’re going to laugh at what had me so petrified. It’s not the only thing that scares me. I’m afraid of going to the dentist; I’m afraid of ant hills.
But because I managed […]

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Rebuilding Their Lives – Food Factory Update

Remember our Kubba Video? We just pulled some out of the freezer this week. It’s a great quick and easy dinner option at this point!

We recently got some new photos of the ladies working and another update on the progress of their business.

If you remember, we met some Christian ladies in Iraq whose business […]

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Visiting the Tomb of Nahum the Prophet

Our team members in Iraq get to visit some really cool historical places that you might not expect.

“An oracle concerning Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum of Elkosh.”  ~Nahum 1:1 

If you’re like us, you probably never really noticed the name of the town Nahum was from. But all of that changes when you […]

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Opportunities to Serve in Nashville

Our teams in Nashville continue to serve a growing refugee and immigrant community from places like Iraq, Syria, Iran & Somalia.

Our volunteers help with navigating life in the USA: English lessons, after-school tutoring, car rides to medical appointments, garden clubs, mentoring soccer teams, and housing assistance.

Women’s English is in the mornings, we help kids […]

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