Iraq in the Time of Covid

Hannah and Colleen take you on a trip through the current state of life in Iraq as seen through reports of team members and our former students. Unlike most episodes, this is a little more current news!

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Here’s […]

Sew For Hope – Graduates and Volunteers Sewing Masks

These days we are extremely grateful for this program that not only helps refugee women care for their families, but has also opened up opportunities for them to care for their communities. In this current crisis, we have graduates and volunteers sewing masks.

These masks are being made from a non-woven droplet resistant fabric that […]

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Resources For Hard Times – Coronavirus 2020

Covid-19 Information in Multiple Languages:

For Those Facing Unemployment:

For Those Facing Hunger:


For English Practice:

This is my favorite. Short simple stories with pictures for context!

This is good for lower levels. English for beginners, basic vocabulary practice.

Good videos with lots of levels—more advanced. There’s a lot here including lessons for pronunciation and understanding faster spoken […]

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Coronavirus Lockdown in Iraq — Easter is Coming

We’ve been in lockdown in my city in Northern Iraq for over week. These last few days I’ve felt both a liar and a failure.  A liar because I’ve posted the pretty pictures, not the ones of my dry-eyed stare from watching hours of shows non-stop or the various chocolate wrappers from my I-don’t-care-anymore-and-I’m-bored munching.  A failure […]

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Crisis, Isis, and Corona Virus

Between Iraq and a Hard Place – Episode 38

Hannah and Colleen talk about how Kurdish people respond to different kinds of crisis. Some big, some small, some medical, and some military — the Kurds have seen it all and we have gained some perspective from them as we face new kinds of crisis.

Learn […]

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