So your friend has asked for your help with taking the citizenship test. But how do you begin studying for the citizenship test? What’s even on this test?

  1. English Evaluation – Speaking, Reading, and Writing Interview
  2. Civics Evaluation – 10 questions picked out of 100 preset questions

There are books that you can buy online and the flashcards are actually pretty cool! But everything is also free online at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

  • Study Materials for the English Test – This includes printable flashcards, vocabulary lists, interactive practice tests, and printable study booklets.
  • Study Materials for the Civics Test – This includes all 100 Civics questions and their answers, printable flashcards, practice tests, and more!
  • Lesson Plans and Activities for Educators – These are incredibly detailed lessons with historical details, handouts, writing practice sheets, and answer keys! Each lesson covers 1-10 questions and includes a list of the reading and writing test vocabulary. The list of helpful materials for each lesson is really good. There are 18 lessons that take 1-4 “class periods” each. While these say they are for beginners, the language may need to be further simplified.

Encouraging your student to study on his or her own will be important and so the interactive Practice Tests (especially the parts for understanding commands for the interview!) could be really helpful for your friend. You could even watch the video for the understanding commands and use that phrasing as you practice so that it sounds familiar to your friend!

In addition, some local libraries offer citizenship classes as well. Some in Nashville do, although your friend may still need help studying and getting to and from the class.

If you’d like help or would like to help someone in Nashville study for their citizenship test, let us know by applying on our Nashville Page.