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You Can Help – Books for Summer Reading Program!

Maybe you can’t volunteer this summer in Nashville to read to refugee kids (IF YOU CAN, go HERE!), but you’d like to help. There are two ways:

Head over to our Amazon Wish List!  On there you’ll find books, blankets, and awnings that will help us serve kids who attend our reading program this summer! […]

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5000 Fruit Trees Have Arrived for Replanting Family Farms

Thank You for the Fruit Trees!

So many farms and orchards lost all their fruit trees from war and neglect during the invasion of ISIS. Now, being able to rebuild their lives and their villages takes a lot of work and effort.

Your gifts made this possible for these families to replant and rebuild! Thank you!
You […]

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Waiting with Refugees in Greece


The flight from Mytilini to Athens forty minutes. The flight from Athens to Frankfurt three hours. Means to pay for an airline ticket and valid USA passport gave me the privilege to travel efficiently, freely without fear, in the light of day, with any possessions I want to carry. The flight from Athens to […]

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Doing Everything and Nothing

Everything and Nothing
Today, I did everything and nothing. That’s what keeps running through my head as I reflect back on my first day. I can’t possibly put into words what it was like – pictures, videos, things you read before you come – nothing described it the way I experienced it. And listening tonight […]

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Building Bridges in Greece

In Greece, we have begun working with a large refugee community in a small town in the north. We will be going back regularly with teams to help with a refugee preschool program, adult English classes, and even a science and engineering workshop for refugee teenagers.
Here at SGI, God has blessed us with […]

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Yezidi Sacred Holidays and Pilgrimages (2)

Yezidi – Sacred Holidays and Pilgrimages
Now that we’ve covered some of the basic beliefs, scriptures, and rituals of Yezidi, let’s get into the really exciting stuff — Yezidi holidays and pilgrimages. Stick with me! This could get complicated.
When we previously discussed the practices of Yezidi faith, you may have noticed that there really […]

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For the Love of Sport

From one of our short-term team members, Brian Haney, Maryland:

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to play soccer with the boys for most of the day one day. As a former soccer player, I was floored to do this. Soccer itself is the universal sport and language. Just seeing the excitement […]

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Adnan Asked Us to Share His Story

Adnan’s Story
Adnan has lived in Athens for about a year now. Like many others floating in the ancient Greek city, he’s from Syria. But that Syria doesn’t exist anymore. He’s been able to work some for the last few months helping medical personnel and teaching about mental health issues relating to trauma. He’s a […]

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Back to the Islands

Back to the Islands
The refugee crisis in Greece is often portrayed as connected to the war in Syria. And while Syrians do represent the majority of refugees in Europe, our team spent last week on a small Greek island in a camp that is incredibly diverse. We met refugees from as far east as Bangladesh, as far […]

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The Great Kubba Adventure

This project didn’t go as planned.
You see, it was spring break so I had a little extra time that was normally spent shuttling refugee women to English class and herding elementary kids who think they can’t read and so don’t want to try. But I’d been wanting to put together a cooking blog […]

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