In Greece, we have begun working with a large refugee community in a small town in the north. We will be going back regularly with teams to help with a refugee preschool program, adult English classes, and even a science and engineering workshop for refugee teenagers.

Here at SGI, God has blessed us with an inordinate number of former engineers as staff.  So, it should come as no surprise that as part of this week, we will be teaching refugee teens about trusses, loads, beams, and building model bridges. Please pray for this team, and for the opportunity to build real gospel bridges into the lives we touch.

Next year, we will be organizing and running a variety of art, science, music and sports workshops ranging from guitar lessons to robotics competitions. If that sounds like your kind of service trip, please pray about pulling a team together from your church and join us. We really do need your help!

Learn more and apply on our Greece Page!