A 5th Grader’s Fiction from Iraq

The Hilly Adventure
(We often field questions about the schools and what the students are like and how good their English is. This was written by a fifth grader at the School of the Medes. It has errors and inconsistencies, but it is a great example of the joyful imagination of our students there.)
Ch. 1=The Gang.
Once […]

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Refugee School Now Serves 2000 Students

The education challenges in the Kurdish region have multiplied this year.  There are many more students needing schools than ever before, a problem exacerbated by the constant drain of teachers and school personnel hoping for a life outside of a tent in Europe. Our refugee school is a small part of this struggle.

The Shepherd Medes School, which at […]

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Snow in Iraq

For a few days this year Nashville was a winter wonderland. Snow fell for one whole day and it was glorious! Nashville isn’t famous for having snow, but my daughters, born and raised in Nashville, love snow!

Last January we were living in Iraqi Kurdistan. Every winter in Iraq we missed having snow. It snows plenty in Iraq, just […]

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Going Home

Isn’t there something wonderful about going home? For me it’s one of the best things about the holiday season. But after living in Iraq for several years, home has come to mean a lot of different things. Now, it’s often the place where I am not.

When I’m at my parents’ house “home” is the […]

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Forgiveness in Iraq

There are candles lit in the living room, the wind is howling outside and we had a snow day last week. Were it not for the constancy of baklava and old men in huge pants, I could think I was in the US. (Though, honestly, my city in the US has baklava and big pantsed-men in spades.)

This […]

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Help First Refugee Families Return Home

Last year thousands of families in Iraq lost their homes to ISIS and fled to nearby refugee camps. Our teams in Iraq have been working hard to love and serve these families.

Today, ISIS has been pushed back and we are excited to help the first of these families return to their homes. To help, […]

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Kurdish Hospitality

The vastness of Kurdish hospitality floors me. If you go to someone’s house they give you the best food, the best seat, and make you eat everything until you don’t think you’ll be able to move. They aren’t satisfied with you being at their house for an hour, you should be there for three… […]

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My Home in Iraq was Flooded

My home in Iraq was flooded with refugees. In less than 3 months the population doubled. There were estimates of over 2 million refugees living around us – in empty schools, unfinished buildings, and, if they were lucky, in someone’s home. Most of them were not so lucky and there was great debate over what […]

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Changing Iraq, One Child at a Time

One of the many lives impacted by our teams in Iraq is this one. Kajan, a teenage girl at one of our schools. Hear her perspective on what her teachers from the United States have brought her.
I need more and new Americans to come. With them I explore more, learn more, and love school more. Everything […]

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WORLD Magazine’s Hope Award International Winner

WORLD Magazine has just named our refugee school in Iraq as the International Winner of its annual Hope Award.  We are so glad to have been a part of this project and to have so many of you joining with us to bring hope in the shadow of ISIS.

2015 Hope Award International Winner: Khanke Refugee School, Iraq


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