shivani-sinjar-2As many of you know, there are several areas that have been reclaimed from ISIS in the last year.  There’s a lot of renovation to do before people will be willing to return, but so many want the opportunity to go home and rebuild. One of the key factors is providing an education for the kids. The families that currently send their kids to the Shepherd School in the refugee camp don’t want to move far away and deprive their kids of any education. So we’re helping to fix that.

We’ve scoped out a former school building in one town where many would like to return. It has lots of repair needs. All the doors and windows need to be replaced, all the electrical and plumbing has been destroyed, and the ceilings and walls need some repair. However, as a whole, the building is structurally sound and the roof is in good shape. It’s in much better shape than many buildings in the area. 

Now that the assessment is done, we’re hiring workers to complete the repairs so that we can move on to getting teachers and supplies to start helping families move back soon! We’ll keep you updated as progress is made.