May in Iraq

I am hot and sweaty. I recently arrived back home in Suly after spending two days trekking across Northern Iraq to see the schools in Dohuk and Hawler (Erbil). It was an interesting adventure of bumpy roads, security checkpoints, and back roads. I was again impressed with the beauty of this country. The mountains […]

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Weather or Not? – Podcast Episode 7

Weather or Not? – Podcast Episode 7
When you think about weather in Iraq you probably imagine a hot desert and sand dunes. Is that accurate?

Hannah and Colleen take you through their favorite and least favorite seasons of the year (yes, there are seasons!) as well as the political implications of the weather.
Want to join […]

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Dust in My House

I went to bed with the taste of dust in my mouth. This morning every surface of our fairly well-sealed home was covered in a fine layer of tan. The rest of the world outside was even more thickly blanketed with powder… more dust. Each footstep poofs and all of my roommates sneeze. “God […]

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Snow in Iraq

For a few days this year Nashville was a winter wonderland. Snow fell for one whole day and it was glorious! Nashville isn’t famous for having snow, but my daughters, born and raised in Nashville, love snow!

Last January we were living in Iraqi Kurdistan. Every winter in Iraq we missed having snow. It snows plenty in Iraq, just […]

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