The education challenges in the Kurdish region have multiplied this year.  There are many more students needing schools than ever before, a problem exacerbated by the constant drain of teachers and school personnel hoping for a life outside of a tent in Europe. Our refugee school is a small part of this struggle.

The Shepherd Medes School, which at the end of last year had 1,000 students, now has an enrollment of 2,000 students, divided into 4 shifts.  We are grateful that we have retained some of our school administrators, but we see that they have grown weary of shouldering the burden of ever increasing numbers of students. Pray for them for strength and perseverance.

Difficulties have brought our team closer to the administrators and school personnel. The camaraderie feels more and more like they are in it together helping to carry the burden and face the challenges.

We have also been blessed by generous backpack donations from the church in the States.  This school-wide distribution gave our team the opportunity to share with the education department, teachers, and students of the love that Christians have for Yezidis, and how it reflects the care that God himself has for them.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.