Remember our Kubba Video? We just pulled some out of the freezer this week. It’s a great quick and easy dinner option at this point!

We recently got some new photos of the ladies working and another update on the progress of their business.

If you remember, we met some Christian ladies in Iraq whose business had been destroyed when they fled ISIS. After a few years of living in limbo, they are working to re-establish and rebuild their lives. Your generosity this past Christmas provided enough to purchase the necessary equipment and the first batch of ingredients to get started!

And so THEY DID!

As with all entrepreneurial adventures, there have been a few bumps in the road. They have had to work hard to rebuild their clientele which is a slow process. And the economy is poor and many people in their community are also fairly poor. After all, many of them have been displaced as well. So these ladies have been working on creative ways to tweak recipes, lower costs, and thereby reduce prices.

All this means that while they are able to replenish their supplies, they are not yet able to really support their families. However, the ladies are excited, optimistic, and very thankful to be back working. We will continue to help as we can. And we look forward to how God will grow their business and continue to provide for them. Keep them in your prayers! 

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