New School for Kids Returning Home

It’s been a long time coming, but after months of obstacles, the renovations for the school building have been completed and classes have begun for a hundred Yezidi children in an area reclaimed from ISIS. These are the first of hopefully many more that will eventually be able to rebuild their homes and return […]

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New School Renovation

As many of you know, there are several areas that have been reclaimed from ISIS in the last year.  There’s a lot of renovation to do before people will be willing to return, but so many want the opportunity to go home and rebuild. One of the key factors is providing an education for […]

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Encouraged by Jalapenos

Finding Encouragement
Sometimes it’s hard to find joy or feel encouraged in a given moment or a given day. Life overseas in a different culture can be hard. Physical comforts are sometimes lacking. Relational support is sometimes lacking. And sometimes it’s simply your own attitude that is lacking. But instead of making a top 10 […]

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Sometimes Pain is the Best Teacher

Creative Teaching Solutions, Iraq Style!
One of the major challenges for my students learning English as a second language was vocabulary!

When I started teaching 2nd grade Humanities my students couldn’t understand and respond to the simple commands “get a pencil” or “turn to page 5”. Every word seemed like a new word for them to learn. I […]

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Travels with Dad

Up until a few weeks ago I had never travelled internationally with my dad. I mean we did the typical family road trips, and a few father daughter canoe trips, but nothing really BIG. He’d taken my other siblings back to see where he grew up in Brazil, but I was too young at […]

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Medes Student Says “Thank You”

“Can I come over and just watch how you live?  I’d like to know how you guys live.” said Lydia.  At the time, we thought it was a weird request from our student, but sure, why not?  So she came over and spent at least a good six hours sitting at our big kitchen table just […]

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Hot Dog?

I am a teacher; it’s what I do. For the past several years I have been involved with teaching those who speak English as a learned language. Some of those teaching experiences have been frustrating, some fruitful, but always interesting and many times entertaining!

Recently, in Nashville, I was working with two Middle Eastern ladies. The […]

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A 5th Grader’s Fiction from Iraq

The Hilly Adventure
(We often field questions about the schools and what the students are like and how good their English is. This was written by a fifth grader at the School of the Medes. It has errors and inconsistencies, but it is a great example of the joyful imagination of our students there.)
Ch. 1=The Gang.
Once […]

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Iraq is Dangerous. Go Anyway.

“Are you crazy?” This is the first question I’m always asked when people find out that I’m a teacher in Iraq.

We just finished our third quarter…I still haven’t learned how to write on the board properly. But I am loving the opportunity to get to know an entirely different set of students. We went on […]

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