We know that moving half-way around the world can be intimidating. Especially a place with a reputation as frightening as Iraq. That’s why we’ve put together an Iraq Vision Trip for March 24th through April 1st, 2017.

We are planning a one week trip so you can get a glimpse into the world of our team members. There are already a handful of people who want to check it out and we’d love to have you. [cost is $1900 plus airfare]

You will visit several schools, sit in on classes, eat meals with team members, and visit some historical landmarks. You’ll get the chance to shop in ancient bazaars and visit modern malls, touch carvings thousands of years old and watch a shepherd video his sheep and goats on a smart phone.

If you are interested in tasting the Middle East and seeing for yourself what life would look like living and working there, fill out this brief application and we’ll get you started on the journey!


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