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Dave has worked with SGI since 1993, and has served as Executive Director since 2001.

Walk and Talk Update from Director Dave!

Our recent “Walk and Talk” program was a great success.  Over 20 volunteers from local churches joined us to share some exercise, conversation, and much-needed friendship with our refugee friends from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Somalia.

As I watched these women smile and laugh together, I was deeply moved and reminded of my […]

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Live Webinar with our team in Iraq

Please join us on Saturday 5/16 or 5/23 for a live webinar with our team in Iraq. Learn first hand what it’s like to live and serve with us, ask questions, and see how people just like you are making a real difference in a hard place.

Click here to register


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Yazidi refugee school buildings arrive on site

Great news! The prefab classroom buildings have arrived on site at the refugee camp. Concrete paving, electricity and furniture are coming next. Our new team has been doing an amazing job coordinating all of this.

February 10th is scheduled to be the first day of school for 1,000 Yazidi refugee children. Students at all three Schools of the […]

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School Books arrive in Iraq

School books for the 2014/15 school year have finally arrived in Iraq, been unpacked and organized, and ready for distribution to each of the three campuses.Each year we send about $100K of books in a shipping container from Nashville to Iraq for use at the School of the Medes. This year’s shipment was greatly delayed […]

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Construction Underway. New Team On-the-Way!

The New Year has started with tons of work! In a few days we will send our new team to Iraq to help start a K-6 school for 1,000 Yazidi refugee children who lost their homes to ISIS.

Preparation of the construction site has already started, fencing will be ready in a few days, and the […]

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Our Year-end Newsletter

Thank you all for your prayers and support this past year. It has been an intense one, but also filled with blessing. We are excited to give you an update on our teams and the refugee situation in Iraq and to let you know about some new opportunities coming up this next year to […]

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Camp Xanke – Serving among 90,000 Yazadi Refugees

Xanke, the largest Yazidi refugee camp in Kurdistan, is hosting 90,000 refugees in tents just outside Dohuk. Government bread supply has stopped coming in in the past two days, making mothers anxious for their children. The government has provided each household with construction materials (bricks, concrete, …) to build a flood and a ledge […]

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Thousands receive blankets and relief

Thank you again for the generous out-pouring of support to help with the Iraq refugee crisis. To date, over $115,000 in clothing, blankets, food, water and medical supplies have been provided. Here is an up-to-date list of how your donations are being used. Thanks again for your generous heart and prayers!



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Chasing Chickens?

Dad: Someone just donated 190 chickens. Where do you think we should send them?
Daughter: Great! live or dead chickens?
Dad: GOOD question! let me check.
Me: Please do, we are not going to ask them to chase their lunch!
190 FROZEN chickens were successfully delivered today to Yazidi families 🙂

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Relief Efforts Continue

Thanks to your generous support, relief efforts are continuing. Here’s the latest update from our national partners in Iraq:

“Our friends have been driving around Dohuk’s countryside handing out bags of food to Yazidi families, who have been living in tents under bridges or have found a home under the shade of a tree. Others […]

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