Thanks to your generous support, relief efforts are continuing. Here’s the latest update from our national partners in Iraq:

“Our friends have been driving around Dohuk’s countryside handing out bags of food to Yazidi families, who have been living in tents under bridges or have found a home under the shade of a tree. Others that have not had the luxury of taking a shower for over a month now are patiently waiting for the shower rooms to be constructed and installed. Lalish (Yazidi holy area) hosting 996 Yazidis are thankful for receiving refrigerators to cool their drinking water (we find this cheeper and more practical then buying water). 

Seven Chaldean tents (125 people) have found anchor at a yard of a building in Enkawa have received two weeks worth of food. A group of their ladies decided to start a small class teaching kids Arabic reading. 

Thankful for having friends, supporters and prayer warriors at our side. Please keep praying as time comes closer to evacuating school building to unknown destinations and the huge needs as winter approaches.”