Xanke, the largest Yazidi refugee camp in Kurdistan, is hosting 90,000 refugees in tents just outside Dohuk. Government bread supply has stopped coming in in the past two days, making mothers anxious for their children. The government has provided each household with construction materials (bricks, concrete, …) to build a flood and a ledge for their tents to prevent their shelter from being washed away by rain.

From our national partner:

“I was hosted by a family of eight, from Shangal-parents, five daughters and a son. They insisted that I would stay for tea. We talked mostly about their needs and how much they have missed their homes, as the eldest girl was watching the tea pot, the rest tried to swat flies, smile and nod their heads at my Sorani. The girls miss going to school. Their son goes out every morning to the labours’ stand hoping to make 15,000 ID ($12.20) as daily wages to support his family. The youngest daughter, timid and shy, introduced me to her stuffed animal turtle wanting to play. The mother insisted that we should stay for lunch, politely, I said we had to get going. I was humbled to see such a poor family, yet generous and hospitable.”

We are working now to provide:

  1. A kerosene heater for each of 200 families. Cost is $50 per heater.
  2. A care package for each family (six bars of soap, 1 Kg powdered milk, a toy or two, crayons and a colouring book, kids socks and two pairs of shoes). We are looking at 20$ per box. Target is 500 boxes.

We are also meeting with government officials about the possibility of starting a medical clinic and school at this camp. The existing clinic is overwhelmed with 1000+ patients each day. And there’s no room in the public schools for the refugee children; public schools that have re-opened since the ISIS invasion are running double and triple shifts just to accommodate their regular student load.

Please pray for the Lord’s discernment and for additional team members to join as as we work to make any of this possible. If you or someone is interested to know more about serving with us, please encourage them to fill out this form on our website. With 1 out of every 6 people in North Iraq a refugee, the needs are going to last for months if not years.

Thank your for your prayers and support!


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