Our national partners were able to send us this quick report this morning and express their deepest thanks for your prayers and very generous support:

“A Yazidi official fought back tears while expressed his gratitude to the Christians that have answered the cries of his people. Yazidi families in Hawler have taken in from ten to sixty Yazidi refugees into their households. 

An action plan is in place and food packages are ready. 9,500$ of your donation will feed 1,300 Yazidis (one dollar per person per day for one week). 

2,500$ went to provide food and cooking facilities, mattresses, water, housing for 60 refugee Chaldeans. 

A group of medical and non-medical volunteers got together yesterday to develop a plan. A three point agenda has been generated; One, hygiene education (most places lack showers and running water) we will have diarrhea outbreak unless we do something about it. Two, providing prescription medication. Three, a plan for secondary and tertiary care. 

I have been part of teams visiting churches and schools to assess the need, stories are heartbreaking! Medication, wheel chairs, medical supplies and a budget for referrals and lab work is in progress. We are looking to purchase 10,000$ in medical aid.

Thank you again so much for your help.”

We will keep you updated as we hear more how your donations are being used. Thank you!

Mattresses being delivered



School classroom used for medical care