“This morning the Yazidi families received a week’s supply of food. 5000$ worth of medication has been purchased and sorted. We have been working with 450 Christian families occupying two school buildings and a preschool floor. Forty prescription lists have been refilled. Oral rehydration solution in sippy cups was a big attraction. Diapers, soap, detergent, wheelchairs, and disinfectants were given out as mobs of ladies pushed and shoved. Another group of doctors is working to distribute meds at the Catholic Church.”

“The cities are now calm, relieved that borders are contained and trying to resume normal daily life.” 

Even so, the need will continue for some time. “Dohuk has welcomed 700,000 refugees, Erbil 500,000 and Sulymania 200,000. Most refugees have been sheltered from the scalding heat in school buildings and construction sites.” 

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