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Forgiveness in Iraq

There are candles lit in the living room, the wind is howling outside and we had a snow day last week. Were it not for the constancy of baklava and old men in huge pants, I could think I was in the US. (Though, honestly, my city in the US has baklava and big pantsed-men in spades.)

This […]

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Help First Refugee Families Return Home

Last year thousands of families in Iraq lost their homes to ISIS and fled to nearby refugee camps. Our teams in Iraq have been working hard to love and serve these families.

Today, ISIS has been pushed back and we are excited to help the first of these families return to their homes. To help, […]

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The Opportunity to Say Yes

I served with a Servant Group International team on a Greek island. Each day we accompanied approximately 1,000 refugees arriving on the northern coast. The refugees arrive on shore wet, hungry, thirsty, exhausted and frequently in shock from the 6-mile journey. Most have been displaced from their homes for at least a month – […]

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