So often we feel helpless and unable to do anything in the face of so much suffering. But you can and do have a role. Prayer is powerful and effective. 

  1. Pray for refugees to have patience in the slow process.
  2. Pray for protection in the camps that are overfull and under supervised.
  3. Pray for the UNHCR that they would have speedy wisdom in screening and placement of refugees.
  4. Pray for our national partners on the islands as they serve and build relationships every day.
  5. Pray for continued funding for food and housing for our refugee friends.
  6. Pray that the many different relief organizations would work together smoothly and communicate clearly.
  7. Pray God would raise up volunteers to go on our short and mid-term trips. #sgiAthens
  8. Pray that our teams would be divinely directed to those people we are most equipped to serve.
  9. Pray that the refugees we serve would experience love and comfort, and that they would know Hope.
  10. Pray for a refugee you know of personally or have heard about through the media by name.