Our work at the center is still going very well. We have had people showing up nearly every day except Friday for English lessons. But today almost no one has appeared because the metro is on strike.

I have loved teaching much more than I thought I would, which is good because it is a much larger part of what we are doing than I anticipated. It is such a wonderful way to build relationships as the same people will come to us consistently.

There is one little girl I teach who is very shy. I’ve been trying to get through to her in different ways, but most of what I have tried has just resulted in me being very overenthusiastic while she remains silent.

Finally, yesterday, we had the best lesson yet! I began by pretending to “call her” and order a pizza in a funny muppet voice. She really liked the idea of doing lessons over a pretend phone call in strange voices, and she even hugged me on her way out. This gave me the best sense of accomplishment I have had in weeks!

Sometimes it’s these little things that can make a difference in our lives and the lives of our refugee friends.

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