That awkward moment when you’re walking down the street and spot a guy walking a cute fluffy puppy….except it’s not a puppy, it’s a baby sheep. (I have a picture of said sheep)
Me: Diderot and d’Alembert were responsible for putting together one of the first encyclopedias (mid 1700s)
Student: Did they put it on the internet?
Me: ….
Midterm question: Name a problem faced by the nonconformist churches in England that was resolved during Queen Victoria’s reign.
Possible answers: Nonconformists members had to be married by Anglican priests in Anglican church. Nonconformists could not be buried in Anglican cemeteries
Student answer: They couldn’t be married in cemeteries
Student telling me she never knew about sweatshops before my class and was so interested in the documentary we watched, she went home and made her parents watch it too.
A student asked me to explain some things to her from a class that I don’t teach. I get worried sometimes that I don’t explain things well, or talk to fast, or over explain to the point that they tune out, so it was special and shocking that she (a VERY grades conscious girl) would ask me to help her understand some things from that class.
I don’t have any specific stories, but really just any time a student comes up and wants to tell me something about their day/life. I had a couple do that right after break, and it’s just really sweet that they want to share things with me.