And Around and Around – Re-entry Pt. 2

Part two on re-entry! Did you know it supposedly takes as long as you lived in the foreign culture to readjust back to your home culture? And even then, you are permanently changed. There is no simple “There and Back Again”.

Hannah and Colleen continue their conversation on how to adjust well and also […]

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What Goes Around Comes Around – Re-entry Part 1

Re-entry is the evil cousin of culture shock and because it isn’t talked about as much, often catches people by surprise. In this episode, Hannah and Colleen share about their own experiences in “coming home” to the United States and the struggles of re-entry.

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IHOP Broke My Spirit

IHOP Broke My Spirit
There’s this thing called reverse culture shock, and man is it a real kick in the head when it hits you. I’m American, born and raised, and had my fair share of intercultural experience. I even have a degree in intercultural studies. Of all people in the world I should be […]

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