The school in the refugee camp now has a principal, two vice-principals, the registration process is underway, and a start date has been set! Just a few more details like a septic tank, backpacks for students, and desk repair remain.

Our school’s name is “Shivani Media” meaning, “The Shepherd of the Medes.” Shivani is the one who guides the sheep, and the Medes are the ancient people that Kurds trace their lineage from. The principal’s face lit up when I told him the school name, “Oh! A Kurdish name!” The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. We believe that each child at this camp has been preserved and snatched out of the teeth of wolves — some are the only ones left of their families. They are survivors. We pray this school will in fact be a place where they find the shepherd’s care.

Thank you for making this school a reality through your support and prayers!