The school we have been helping get started at the Yazidi refugee camp has officially opened! It is the first school to open in the camp, and for some of the kids, it is their first time in school at all.

Our team has been encouraged to hear the stories of these students’ eagerness to learn. There are currently over 300 students, and they hope to have tripled that number by May. Please pray for wisdom as well as for the staff as they continue to navigate these untried waters.

Classes at the Schools of the Medes are continuing strong and enrollment is approaching three thousand students.Recently, some of the second graders learned how we were working to get school supplies ready for the new refugee school. The students’ hearts were touched; they began to cry, emptied their backpacks, and offered everything they had brought to school to help.Third and fourth graders, not to be outdone, had a bake sale and raised a thousand dollars to help out.

Older students from the schools have been getting involved in helping out with this project by collecting items to fill backpacks, writing encouraging notes, and just the other day we filled over 400 backpacks so the kiddos could have the basic school supplies that they need. We are thrilled to see these and other changes happening in the hearts and minds of our students.

In addition, we are working to serve a number of smaller groups of refugees scattered throughout the region. Most of these are not in registered camps and have little, if any, help. With your support we’ve been able to provide food, medicine, and basic necessities to many who have been overlooked.

In the coming weeks we will be launching our new recruiting program aimed at finding new team members to join with us starting this summer. Please pray that God would bring us the right people. If you know someone who adventurous, compassionate, and with a heart to serve the Muslim world please point them here to our website ( to learn more about exciting opportunities to serve.