Some exciting news, – we’re getting ready to expand and renovate our downstairs office into a refugee ministry center! For a long time, we’ve wanted to have a place where our volunteers and refugees can meet together for programs and activities like sewing, exercise, job training and more.  A little more info about this space God is providing…

tea houseTwas the year ninety-five and all across town,
   Young Dave began searching and here’s what he found.
A small square block building with dentists downstairs
   And donuts nearby, – an answer to prayers. 

They sawed and they hammered and built it all new 
   Then opened a teahouse, young Dave and his crew.
They served lots of people, especially the Kurds,
   With tea full of sugar and welcoming words.

Things seemed oh so great till late one dark night.
    A riot broke out; friends left in a fright.
So Dave and the team made new use of the place. 
   They made it our office with much needed space.

The dentists still kept up their work with the teeth.
They hammered and chiseled and drilled underneath.
But now they are leaving, our dreams may come true.
A ministry center, we’ll make it anew.

For years we’ve been dreaming as programs expand
Of places for sewing and painting and band.
For teaching and learning and even hi-tech,
But look at it now, it appears quite a wreck.

Out furnace, out toilet, out dusty old dentures!
Out carpet, out plaster, concoct new adventures!
A new plan is coming, a new plan is here!
Please check out this blueprint and perk up your ear!

The first phase of the project will be to remove the dental lab and address some major drainage issues. Our goal is to raise $35,000 and get started right after Christmas. Please consider making a special year-end gift for this need, and let us know if you and your friends would like to come help!ministry center blueprint