There was a flurry of last minute packing on Saturday morning. Some of our team had already flown out, but emergency blankets and ponchos were added to already full bags. They were weighed, measured, and found within the required limits (after some shuffling).

IMG_2514 copy

Twenty bags in all were packed with supplies for our team to take to Greece.



At the airport, we had hoped that there would be some grace on all this extra luggage, but we ended up having to pay $1700 in fees. But it’s worth it, because the people need these items and can’t get them there.


The team arrived on time and safe with all the luggage on Sunday.


Then the team spent a day in Athens working in the refugee outreach center’s distribution and donation warehouse. They sorted kids’ clothing and lifted and moved a lot of boxes.


Then they all got on another plane to fly to the island. There, they filled a van with 1,000 lbs of supplies, tucked in 4 tiny cars and drove across the island to their hotel for the night. Our team had a lot of fun with it and laughed at the adventure. See this video: Island Driving Compilation



The drive took about an hour and even as they drove they passed refugees walking on the sides of the road.  See this video for a glimpse. Driving on the Island at Night

They ended up getting to bed about 1am, hoping to get a few good hours of sleep before jumping in to serve refugees in the morning.