Most Embarrassing Moments in Full View of the Neighbors

You know how in group “get to know you functions” an ice-breaker is often sharing your most embarrassing moments. I never quite got the whole point of that, but that maybe because I was a careful child and rarely did anything remotely embarrassing. Being an ahzh-neby or foreigner puts you in a whole new […]

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It’s Electric! – Podcast Episode 18

One of our favorite topics about Iraq is all the ELECTRICITY! Also, the lack of it. It’s one of those things that we in the U.S. definitely take for granted and see as our right. Not so in Iraq! Power outages are common and wiring is… creative. =)

(Also, there is conversation about the electric […]

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The Big Switch on the Wall

Visiting My Daughter in Iraq (part 2)
She lived upstairs in what we would call a duplex.  It was surrounded by a wall, and there was not a yard, though several neighbors had potted plants barely clinging to life. The floor and walls were all tile, and many of the wall tiles contained scripture verses, […]

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