Math is Too Hard!

My favorite memory is of meeting Ari, a Syrian refugee.  He was 16 years old and brilliant.  As an engineer, I began asking him if he would like to study engineering.  He said, “No, math is too hard”  So I began asking him questions about math assuming he was struggling with it.  I kept asking him harder and harder questions.  Finally, when I got to calculus, he said that he learned calculus in 6th grade.

“Of course, all Syrians take Calculus in the 6th grade!”

I was shocked! Now I know why he says math is too hard!

I confess that I assumed that the refugees were uneducated and maybe couldn’t find work in Syria.  No, some of the best of the best of a brilliant and well-trained people are living in tents in Athens.

This is the story I have been telling everyone in America in hopes that more will reach out to help the refugees.

(This story was shared by Lori Troxel who joined one of our trips in June 2016. If you’d like to meet some of the brilliant people stuck in camps and squats in Athens consider joining one of our teams this year! Click here.)