One of the many lives impacted by our teams in Iraq is this one. Kajan, a teenage girl at one of our schools. Hear her perspective on what her teachers from the United States have brought her.

I need more and new Americans to come. With them I explore more, learn more, and love school more. Everything just becomes better with them. They are not afraid of trying new things and that inspires me.

All I want to say is that my American teachers are fair. They are nice and fun teachers. They don’t make you scared; they don’t even try to make you be scared of them. They are so nice that when you don’t do good on a test they try to help you learn that stuff anyway. They don’t just talk about the subject but bring in outside stuff to the class. That helps me love their classes even more. The way my American teachers have taught me is just amazing!

I can feel how they work from the bottom of their hearts. They really care. They really want us to learn. They want to give something to us and not just because it is their job.

Most importantly, the American teachers get ready before getting into class. They do their job with joy. As I see them in my heart I really believe that they know everything. They inspire me with their positivity and how they want to explore the world. They teach about a lot of interesting things that are about life, not just school. I love my American teachers so much! I have become close friends with them and even after they leave we keep in touch.

I’ve done a lot of things with my American teachers. I have seen these mountains every day for eighteen years and I never thought of hiking them until one of my American teachers went. She took us with her every Friday. They also taught me to play basketball. Now it is so cool when I say “I played basketball” or “Oh, I hiked this mountain.” I need them to come because they change my life.

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