Stories from the Greek Islands



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The Socks (and Other Supplies) Go to Greece

There was a flurry of last minute packing on Saturday morning. Some of our team had already flown out, but emergency blankets and ponchos were added to already full bags. They were weighed, measured, and found within the required limits (after some shuffling).

Twenty bags in all were packed with supplies for our team to […]

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10 Ways to Pray (for the Refugee Crisis in Greece)

Pray for protection for refugees as they travel.
Pray for separated families to be reunited.
Pray that refugees would be welcomed and befriended by Christians in their new countries.
Pray for the wars and unrest in the refugees’ home countries to end.
Pray for wisdom and compassion for world leaders as they face this crisis.
Pray that God would […]

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Send us Socks!

By the time the refugees get to Greece, their thin cotton socks have worn out and they have weeks of walking still ahead of them and colder weather on the way. You can help a refugee by sending us a pair of new sturdy wool-blend hiking socks to take to Greece. We need them in […]

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Being Hands and Feet (and Socks!) for Refugees

Martha Brooks is a wife, mom, blogger, and for a season volunteered in our women’s English program. Read more by her over at Savor the Crazy.

I was very hesitant to write this post.

I know people who are now giving their time, energy, comfort—their very lives, in the middle of the war-torn area of the world […]

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Refugee Work in Greece!

A New Opportunity in Greece!
Since January, over 150,000 refugees have left war-torn Muslim countries and perilously made their way to Europe. Greece is a primary entry point for up to half of those who make the journey. (Watch a short video about the refugee situation.)

The evangelical church in Greece is doing all they can to serve […]

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