SGI’s first 7 Projects

1 – To kick things off, there was a 40’ trailer of food donated (I think potatoes) that we passed out to Kurdish refugees in Nashville.
2 – Set-up the basement of one team member as a studio, and overdubbed the Jesus Film into Bahdini Kurdish dialect.
3 – Organized a premier showing of the Jesus Film in Kurdish at Belmont Church, downtown Nashville. Had 30+ volunteers pickup up refugee families all afternoon to bring to the showing. About 2,000 attended, then we had a big party afterwards with a clown who could make halal dogs out of balloons.
4 – Researched, wrote, translated and published “Kurds in the Bible,” a collection of Old and New Testament stories having to do with the ancient Medes, of whom the Kurds are modern-day descendants.
5 – Transformed a cow pasture into a festival ground, built a stage, and invited the world’s most famous Kurdish singer to come perform for 5,000+ Kurds in Nashville, and gave the leaders copies of the new book “Kurds in the Bible.”
6 – Started building homes to resettle orphans and widows living in the very prison building in Duhok, Iraq where their husbands and fathers had been tortured and killed by Saddam. We were eventually given the deed to this prison by the government, and started…
7 – Nizarkly Medical and Dental clinic, offering much-needed medical relief to these widows and orphans.

Some day we’ll tell you about earthquake relief in Turkey, running a tea house in Nashville, and starting schools in Iraq!