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Fall(afel) Festival!

Come meet our team, eat some falafel, and explore our world of ministry.


The highlight this year is an interactive Refugee Journey simulation designed to give you a glimpse into the lives and experiences of so many who have fled their homes.

We’ll be serving you our own falafel […]

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“The Art of Coming Home” by Craig Storti – Book Review

I remember the first time someone asked me “How’s the reentry going?” I thought I might burst with happiness. Here was someone who understood what I was only just beginning to understand – that sometimes “coming home” was difficult and confusing and not all pleasant. And when everyone at “home” expects it to be […]

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Living on a Prayer

Hannah and Colleen talk about the blessings and challenges of living on support and what that is. How do we deal with fear, trust, and other people’s perceptions? How do we thrive in community as part of the body of Christ and what is the holy handshake? This episode is a personal look at […]

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Attention Treasure Hunters!

Each week several boxes of craft supplies, art supplies, and several sewing machines are donated to help support our ministry. These gifts are wonderful, but do require that someone have the understanding and expertise to sort and find the treasures within.

So, we need a woman to be our Donations Specialist to come in […]

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