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Heeding the Call to Love in 2001

Heeding the Call to Love in 2001
This was a seminal year in our country, to say the least. What happened in September of 2001 colored forever the way we walk in our world, even think of our world. A large part of that came from the faith of the perpetrators. It has been argued […]

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Yarsani Religion – Beliefs and Practices

Yarsani Religion
The followers of the Yarsani faith are called by many names and scattered across at least three countries. The creation of this faith is often attributed to Islamic Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam) but the Yarsan themselves claim that their beliefs have always been and Islam is a heresy of Yarsanism. […]

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Yezidi – Questions and Answers

Regarding the Peacock icons and two that are missing. Are these very old relics and hold historical significance? If so, does the author know approximately how old they are?
The icons are old, but only historically relevant to the Yezidi. They claim that they are several thousand years old, but no one knows for sure. […]

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