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20 Questions in Greece – Elizabeth

Elizabeth spent two months of her summer break from college teaching English and helping out with various refugee projects in Athens. She was able to form deep friendships and make great friends. She left part of her heart in Athens with her new refugee friends and family.
20 Questions

What keeps you up at night? Things I haven’t […]

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Visiting the Tomb of Nahum the Prophet

Our team members in Iraq get to visit some really cool historical places that you might not expect.

“An oracle concerning Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum of Elkosh.”  ~Nahum 1:1 

If you’re like us, you probably never really noticed the name of the town Nahum was from. But all of that changes when you […]

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Ten-Day Mini-Olympics for Refugee Camp Kids

Join our team for a 10-day trip at the end of March 2017 to serve refugee kids at a camp in Northern Iraq and explore opportunities to serve with our team for up to a year. In partnership with our Shepherd School and the Medes Schools, we will organize a mini Olympics with a […]

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New School Renovation

As many of you know, there are several areas that have been reclaimed from ISIS in the last year.  There’s a lot of renovation to do before people will be willing to return, but so many want the opportunity to go home and rebuild. One of the key factors is providing an education for […]

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A Glimpse of Heaven

Elizabeth was part of our team living in Athens for two months this summer. 

I have been back in America for a week now, and my thoughts are constantly returning to the friends I left in Athens. So many of these moments and relationships are cherished in my heart – many of them in a […]

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9/11 and My Journey to Iraq

The Towers Fell
       I was a teenager when the towers fell, the first 9/11. I remember watching it happen on TV and thinking that it all had to be a movie. It couldn’t be real. No way would humans do this to each other. I got caught up in the patriotism that […]

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Encouraged by Jalapenos

Finding Encouragement
Sometimes it’s hard to find joy or feel encouraged in a given moment or a given day. Life overseas in a different culture can be hard. Physical comforts are sometimes lacking. Relational support is sometimes lacking. And sometimes it’s simply your own attitude that is lacking. But instead of making a top 10 […]

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