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Sometimes Pain is the Best Teacher

Creative Teaching Solutions, Iraq Style!
One of the major challenges for my students learning English as a second language was vocabulary!

When I started teaching 2nd grade Humanities my students couldn’t understand and respond to the simple commands “get a pencil” or “turn to page 5”. Every word seemed like a new word for them to learn. I […]

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Taxi Stories from Iraq

Get Lost

We went to the mall. We loaded the taxi full of our purchases, realizing too late we couldn’t tell him where we lived. A phone call and lots of wild gesturing occurred before we were on our way. We made it home and gave our driver a great story about crazy American women. […]

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Throwback Thursday

SGI’s first 7 Projects
1 – To kick things off, there was a 40’ trailer of food donated (I think potatoes) that we passed out to Kurdish refugees in Nashville.

2 – Set-up the basement of one team member as a studio, and overdubbed the Jesus Film into Bahdini Kurdish dialect.

3 – Organized a premier showing […]

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Choosing Gratitude in Greece

One team member recently wrote:

“Back in ‘Merica today and feeling WEIRD. So very glad to see my people here but aching for the family I left behind. Pretty sure this is just the beginning of a lifetime of having my heart invested all across the map. A part of me hates the tension, the […]

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Make a Greek Orzo Salad

As humans we spend a lot of time on food. Our team in Greece is no different as they spend a lot of time on food for themselves and others. We’ve found a few recipes that our teams have really loved. Here’s an easy Orzo Salad for you to add to your repertoire!

1. Start with 1lb of […]

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