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Medes Student Says “Thank You”

“Can I come over and just watch how you live?  I’d like to know how you guys live.” said Lydia.  At the time, we thought it was a weird request from our student, but sure, why not?  So she came over and spent at least a good six hours sitting at our big kitchen table just […]

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There is So Much Need!

This morning I headed to the port of Athens ahead of the team and served with the Greek Red Cross. I teamed up with them distributing food, clothes, toiletries and cleaning the port terminal. It was a little difficult communicating, but with broken English from them, little phrases in Greek I’ve learned and lots […]

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Baghdad or Bust

     “I need you to fly to Baghdad.”

I was in the shower when I got the phone call from my friend. I don’t usually get phone calls, most of my communication in Duhok is done over text, so a phone call means something serious is going down. My friend is also the person […]

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