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Athens Refugee Work and Macedonian Border

Food Distribution
Today, we cleaned up Victoria Square. We swept, picked out trash from among the bushes and plants and filled up four large bags. A couple of the young Algerian men helped out as they realized how disrespectful it was, culturally, to leave an older woman like Nihad, to sweep up after them. In […]

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Hagar and Dahlia

[Gen 21:16 ] Then Hagar went and sat down opposite Ishmael a good way off, about the distance of a bowshot, for she said, “Let me not look on the death of the child.” And as she sat opposite him, she lifted up her voice and wept.

This is the story I was pondering early […]

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A 5th Grader’s Fiction from Iraq

The Hilly Adventure
(We often field questions about the schools and what the students are like and how good their English is. This was written by a fifth grader at the School of the Medes. It has errors and inconsistencies, but it is a great example of the joyful imagination of our students there.)
Ch. 1=The Gang.
Once […]

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Refugee School Now Serves 2000 Students

The education challenges in the Kurdish region have multiplied this year.  There are many more students needing schools than ever before, a problem exacerbated by the constant drain of teachers and school personnel hoping for a life outside of a tent in Europe. Our refugee school is a small part of this struggle.

The Shepherd Medes School, which at […]

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Refugees in Europe and Mama Nihad

Mama Nihad
Today, Nihad assisted the Salvation Army in sorting more clothing donations and assisted some of the women volunteers in preparing decorations for the refugees coming to the day center. She went out to the Square and helped Boat Refugee Foundation to distribute tea. Nihad purchased cold medication for young men that had caught […]

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Iraq is Dangerous. Go Anyway. – Live Webinar

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Snow in Iraq

For a few days this year Nashville was a winter wonderland. Snow fell for one whole day and it was glorious! Nashville isn’t famous for having snow, but my daughters, born and raised in Nashville, love snow!

Last January we were living in Iraqi Kurdistan. Every winter in Iraq we missed having snow. It snows plenty in Iraq, just […]

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Nashville Get Ready!

Helping Christians Prepare to Meet and Love Our Refugee Neighbors

When: March 14th, 7-9pm

Learn how to meet and make friends with a refugee
Practice basic greetings and customs
Discover more about their faith
Learn how to talk about Jesus with people from other cultures
Discover how pray and study the Bible together
And much more!

Space is limited. Registration is required. Fill out […]

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