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10 Ways to Pray (for the Refugee Crisis in Greece)

Pray for protection for refugees as they travel.
Pray for separated families to be reunited.
Pray that refugees would be welcomed and befriended by Christians in their new countries.
Pray for the wars and unrest in the refugees’ home countries to end.
Pray for wisdom and compassion for world leaders as they face this crisis.
Pray that God would […]

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Is there any hope for Iraq? –Live Webinar

Join us for a fascinating half-hour with an Iraqi Christian woman who is making a real difference in a really hard place. As the director for schools serving thousands of students, she desires to see lives changed and Christ honored in her country. This conversation will give you a unique glimpse into a part […]

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Send us Socks!

By the time the refugees get to Greece, their thin cotton socks have worn out and they have weeks of walking still ahead of them and colder weather on the way. You can help a refugee by sending us a pair of new sturdy wool-blend hiking socks to take to Greece. We need them in […]

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Being Hands and Feet (and Socks!) for Refugees

Martha Brooks is a wife, mom, blogger, and for a season volunteered in our women’s English program. Read more by her over at Savor the Crazy.

I was very hesitant to write this post.

I know people who are now giving their time, energy, comfort—their very lives, in the middle of the war-torn area of the world […]

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My Home in Iraq was Flooded

My home in Iraq was flooded with refugees. In less than 3 months the population doubled. There were estimates of over 2 million refugees living around us – in empty schools, unfinished buildings, and, if they were lucky, in someone’s home. Most of them were not so lucky and there was great debate over what […]

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