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Changing Iraq, One Child at a Time

One of the many lives impacted by our teams in Iraq is this one. Kajan, a teenage girl at one of our schools. Hear her perspective on what her teachers from the United States have brought her.
I need more and new Americans to come. With them I explore more, learn more, and love school more. Everything […]

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WORLD Magazine’s Hope Award International Winner

WORLD Magazine has just named our refugee school in Iraq as the International Winner of its annual Hope Award.  We are so glad to have been a part of this project and to have so many of you joining with us to bring hope in the shadow of ISIS.

2015 Hope Award International Winner: Khanke Refugee School, Iraq


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Refugee Work in Greece!

A New Opportunity in Greece!
Since January, over 150,000 refugees have left war-torn Muslim countries and perilously made their way to Europe. Greece is a primary entry point for up to half of those who make the journey. (Watch a short video about the refugee situation.)

The evangelical church in Greece is doing all they can to serve […]

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I Will Miss Many Things

“I will miss team night laughter, teasing, prayer, and the feeling of being with people who have the same heart. I will miss the infallible kindness of strangers and the limitless generosity of the friends I have made in Iraq.”

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