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Bread and Yogurt, Sugar and Tea

“I will miss bread and yogurt breakfasts in the teachers’ room where conversation swirls around me in a mix of Kurdish, Arabic, Assyrian, and English like the sugar in my tea glass.”

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Better Readers, Writers, Thinkers…

“I will miss planning a lesson that I know will be exciting and then getting to see my students have ten times more enjoyment out of it than I anticipated. I will miss pushing them to be better readers, writers, thinkers, speakers, and citizens of their country.”

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I Will Miss Corner Chats

“I will miss the quiet corner chats with kids who are struggling with questions that are almost too big for them to ask.”

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I Will Miss…

When it comes time for one of our team members to return to the U.S. it can be hard knowing all they leave behind. Over the summer we’ll be sharing some of the things our team members miss.
“I will miss the morning greetings of my students, and their crazy antics in the halls.”

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You Gave Me Something To Eat

With your help we have been able to support a food and outreach program to a community of roughly 20,000 displaced Kakai. The Kakai are a pre-Islamic monotheistic religious minority that has been particularly targeted by ISIS. Here is a report we received recently from one of our friends who heads up this program.

“Life […]

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