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The first school opened in Sulaymaniyah in January 2001. The second school opened in Duhok in the fall of 2002 , and in 2003 a third school opened in Erbil. Total enrollment is approaching 2,000 students.

Over 95 percent of the students come from Kurdish Muslim families. Many students are the children of local government officials and community leaders.

Parents, local officials, and community leaders are all very supportive of these schools.

American staff often help teach one or two courses per semester. The balance of their time is spent in relationships with students, their families, and the community.

All curriculum support, international staffing, and training is coordinated through our offices in Nashville, TN.

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Medes School, Iraq

Medes School is a private English-based K-12 school program in north Iraq. SGI helped start these schools over a decade ago in partnership with local church and government leaders. Today, the program is owned, directed and managed entirely by nationals.

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