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North Iraq is a curious place to live and work. It is a strange and fascinating mix of cell phones & shepherds, iPods & ancient temples, traditional religions and refreshing openness.

It bears little if any resemblance to the Iraq we hear about in the news. This area, home to the Kurds, has been effectively partitioned and self-governed since 1991. They’ve had almost two decades to develop solid infrastructure and relative security.

Aside from its reputation as being peaceful and relatively secure, most people are very welcoming towards Americans. Our team members walk city streets, shop at modern malls or corner groceries, and wind their way through more traditional bazaars, never knowing what they’ll find.





Life in Northern Iraq

Outings to restaurants and parks, countryside visits and picnics, and hikes to hidden historical sites make for interesting outings.

Travel to Northern Iraq is much simpler than just a few years ago, with direct flights into the region now available from several major European cities like Vienna and Istanbul. Cell phones, international calling, and high-speed wireless Internet access are rather common.





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